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The last Oprah show was one of the best things that I have ever seen- for one reason.

One Thing in Common

Oprah shared the fact that in 25 years of doing her show, having over 30,000 people come across her stage, all with different issues and from different backgrounds and in different places in their lives, they all had one thing in common.

At the Core

At the core root of their problems in life or their challenges they were facing was one thing: a sense of unworthiness.They all felt somehow unworthy to have what they wanted, to be loved, to be successful, to be wealthy, to be admired, etc.  And they all wanted one thing: to be seen, to be heard, and to matter.

Celebrity Obsession

Why are we so obsessed with celebrities? Because for the majority of people, they do not feel seen, feel heard, or feel like they matter. Celebrities are seen, are heard, and seem to be very important people that matter.  So we live vicariously through them, instead of embracing our own lives and really believing that we too are “good enough”, “worthy enough”, or “loved enough”.

If I could only ever say one thing to you it is this:  I see you, I hear you, who you are matters. Now go and tell the people that you love. Go and tell that homeless person on the street. Go look in the mirror and tell the person who needs to hear it the most. Live everyday like it is your last- because one day you will be right.

To your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey

Lady Gaga


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Lady Gaga a Golden Dragon?

What do you think about Lady Gaga? The very fact that I do not have to even explain who she is a testament to her ability to “create” her fame and to have become a household name in just a few short years. She has become the number one musical artist in the world in terms of visibility and top of mind awareness.  Is there a lesson here for entrepreneurs and leaders?

The Key

What is it that makes Sir Richard Branson stand out from the rest of the successful billionaires whose names you probably don’t know? What made Madonna who she was? What is it that makes Lady Gaga as famous as she is today?  The answer to this question is the key to your success as a messenger, as a transformational leader, as an entrepreneur, as a business person.

And the answer is…..a willingness to be bigger than they are.  If you read my post on the most important success skill for experts, I talked about doing this in your video postings so that you will really connect with your audience-reach out through the screen and grab their minds and hearts.  But what about the rest of the time?

Mastering the Art of Fame

Lady Gaga has called herself a master of the art of fame. While you may not be seeking fame-I would bet that you are indeed seeking fortune. And the principle still applies-the more people who see your message, who buy your product or service, the more fortunate you become. And the bigger both your impact and your bank account.   Become a student of those who have mastered the art of fame, those whose names are well known, those whom you see daily on the news, on TV, in the movies- learn what they do and in your own way, model them, model what they do, because there is no arguing the fact that when something works in one place, chances are great it is simply a system and will work wherever you apply it.

Impact and a Powerful Message

What about Gaga being a Golden Dragon? She is using her fame and her ability to impact millions to share a powerful message of self empowerment from the stage. This is true mastery, true power, and the essence of being a Golden Dragon.  Reach millions-make millions-leave a legacy of positive change.

T o Your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey


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There are 3 levels of transformational leadership that are necessary to really be the most powerful and effective leader you can be in the world.

1)        Leadership of self.

2)        Leadership of others.

3)        Leading with your message.

You must first do the work on yourself to master your emotions and your states, face your fears, learn who you are at the deepest levels. Then  others will naturally gravitate towards you because they can sense your “power” , and your clarity and your strength.  As you master yourself you become the most effective leader of others, be it one person or a thousand.  And as you lead yourself and lead others, the next natural step is to share your message with the world, whatever that message might be. Because you might not think so, but if your information can help someone to feel better, live better, be more successful, have better relationships, make more money, or better themselves or their life in any way- then you are a leader and need to discover the most effective way to reach millions and make millions with your message.

Connecting With Your Deepest Mission

Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training is based upon these 3 levels, and we work extensively on you becoming the most powerful and effective leader you can be- having personal breakthroughs and connecting with your deepest mission and vision and purpose-your reason for being who you are and doing what you do, you practice leading and applying what you are discovering, and you gain new skill sets to help you in being a more effective messenger and transformational teacher.

Transformational Leadership is the new paradigm, and leading from the heart the new mantra for the 21st century.

To your success and freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey


Hocus Focus


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I am writing this while traveling at over 700 miles an hour somewhere far above the Pacific Ocean.  I am on the red eye from Honolulu, HI to Vancouver,BC  and while many people around me are sleeping or watching movies-I am writing this blog posting.  Why?

Having a Burning Goal

Because I have a goal- and I have learned that when you set a goal, if you honestly want to achieve it you will do whatever it takes, even if that means working while other people are resting. I saw an interview with Will Smith and he attributed his astounding success to the fact that he will out work, out practice, and out study anyone in his commitment to his goal. It often seems like magic when we look at successful people, and we wonder how on earth do they do it.  Here is the secret…it is an ancient magic spell called Hocus Focus.


Hocus Focus Abracadabra! and suddenly success appears almost overnight.  But there is always an illusion behind every magic trick and this one is no different. While most magicians will not reveal their secrets, I am going to tell you the real secret behind this one. Ready?  Here is it…..that overnight success took years of hard work and focused, disciplined action to make the trick work. Bummer huh?  Guess I am not going to get rich selling this one!

Coming From the Heart

Focus is not always easy to achieve, but when you lock onto a goal that really comes from your heart, and you feel inspired with a sense of mission and of purpose, focus suddenly becomes, while not effortless, far easier than you could ever have imagined.

If you have not found that burning passion, mission, vision, dream or purpose yet- if you are seeking inspiration, connection, renewal, discovery, and a deep sense of personal power, there is no better place to find that than at the upcoming Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training , November 14th to the 20th 2011.

Just follow the link to find out more and register today!

To Your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey


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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that the last Oprah Winfrey show aired just last week. After twenty-five years as the queen of the talk shows, Oprah Winfrey has gone on to create something new.

Your Labor Of Love Can Bloom Beyond Your Imagination

Often we start out with our business or project as a labor of love, and we cannot see where it will eventually end up – or even dream how big it could possibly become. I’m sure that when Oprah Winfrey started out with her talk show, she had no idea that one day she would first become not only the queen of talk shows, but would become a brand in herself and a worldwide household name.

Golden Dragons Support Others

With great power comes great responsibility – that’s been said and it is true, and she has stepped up fully to that responsibility by creating her own network and providing a new platform to help others bring their messages to the world. This is the very essence of what it means to be a Golden Dragon.

Oprah’s stage was a place for people to be seen and to be heard. For authors who were chosen for her book club, it was an opportunity for them to suddenly be seen by millions of people. They often saw themselves becoming household names almost overnight. Despite the good she did for so many others however, what Oprah had created with her show was really based around Oprah , and anyone else was simply a guest on the Oprah show.

Golden Dragons Evolve And Grow

She knew that it had to change, and so both she and it has evolved beyond that in order to create a platform for many others to now step into the spotlight with their gifts. First it was Dr.Phil, now Nate Berkus, and how many more will Oprah’s legacy provide the platform for? She has used her power, her wealth, and her influence to serve others and to help others become more – and that, my friend, is the very essence of being a Golden Dragon.

Image Credit: Chamomile

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People ask me what the Golden Dragon means, why did I call my program by that name?

In a recent conversation with a Chiropractor who also does energy work on his patients to get to the root cause of why they have spinal mis-alignments in the first place, he shared with me that he has encountered what he called “Golden Dragon Energy” in his patients when they have a major breakthrough in their understanding of why they are out of alignment.

What Does It Look And Feel Like?

He shared that this energy shows up as a sense of personal power, of self confidence and balance, of really “getting it” at a very deep level.

This is exactly why the program is called Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training – and what people can expect to encounter within themselves: Personal Power, Freedom, Strength, Connection – and a new found ability to take action and get results in their lives quicker and easier than ever before.

To your greatest success and freedom,

Vincent j

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The greatest breakthrough you will ever have in your business, no matter what your business is – is the ability to learn how to speak effectively and speak with confidence and clarity. It’s hard to get your message out to the world, or to even have an audience really connect with you and understand what you’re saying, unless you can clearly communicate to them what it is that you are trying to communicate.

It’s The Single Most Important Skill

As a speaker, trainer and coach, I understand that marketing yourself on the Internet is essential to not only growing your business, but having a sustainable business at all today. One key component of the marketing of yourself is the ability to clearly show up in video. This is something I struggle with myself, as we can often be our own worst critics. I would like to share with you one tip that could possibly help you in being more effective in conveying your message through video.

Here is the tip: be bigger than you are.

What does that mean -be bigger than you are? It means that when you communicate to people in your “regular” state, that state might be fairly low key or it might be excited and loud – but however it is, when you are on camera, just be “more” of yourself. Imagine a pendulum, and where you normally communicate from the pendulum is hanging straight down and balanced. That’s fine when you’re talking to somebody one-on-one, or even for speaking in front of a few people, but if you really want to energize your message and be heard and felt through the screen, you need to learn how to crank it up.

It’s What It Takes, To Succeed As An Expert In Your Field

TV CameraIn essence, this is about turning who you are from a five up to ten just for that period of time. This is not faking it, or trying to be someone you are not, it is just allowing more of your power, clarity, focus, conviction and authenticity to come through.

Now this was advice that I got from someone who does video professionally and at first it was really hard, because I felt like I was not being real or being authentic.

Then he showed me the before and after videos of myself – on the first video that I did just being me, just talking normally, it came through feeling rather weak and with not much “oomph”. In the second video, which I did after a little coaching – the one where I was being more of me that I normally would, the one where I felt like I was overacting and over-exuberant and almost being inauthentic –I actually came through much more powerfully. I was much more congruent and much more like me, which was incredibly surprising!

So, my tip to you is to have somebody film you giving your message, someone that you really trust and can do this work in front of.

Practice saying the message that you want to get through until you feel comfortable with it, and then do in front of the camera. Do at least two takes, one where you talk as you normally would, then one where you are “more of you”. You’ll see and hear the difference.

Get Excited, And The Results Will Excite You

If you are having trouble getting yourself into an excited state, just pretend like you have just won the lottery or that you have achieved all your dreams. How excited you are about that is what you try to convey to your potential clients .

Set yourself on fire with enthusiasm and people will drive for miles to watch you burn

Your potential customers want to know what you can do for them. They want to know that not only do you love what you do, but that it is working for you. If you are a speaker, a trainer, coach, a leader, someone with a message to get out to the world – this is especially vital to you. It may be the single most important thing that determines your business success. The old saying “set yourself on fire with enthusiasm and people will drive for miles to watch you burn” really holds true here. Set yourself on fire with the enthusiasm of your message and people will come to your tele-seminars, to your live events, to your webinars – they will want to have more of what you are offering, and will buy from you to get it.

Here is one last tip: before you go on camera to record your message, think about who you are serving, why you are serving them, and how your message, product, seminar, etc – can really help them to have better lives. Take the time to align your heart and mind and spirit – and you will come through loud and clear. Remember – when you lead from the heart, when you serve from the heart, your message or products truly help people, and you take consistent action to let people know what you have to offer them, success will surely follow.

To Your Greatest Success Ever,

Vincent j Kellsey

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I had the most amazing experience recently when I was in Hawaii working on some content for my new program Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training.

Journey To Unexpected Places

Totally unexpectedly, this trip turned into a journey inward, into my real motivations for doing the work I do, for being in a relationship, for virtually any aspect of my life – and I discovered something very disturbing. I had been living my life from a place of self-love, self-preservation and greed. My motivations for building my business had been to make money so I could live a comfortable life and not have to worry – and I was jealous of those who were more successful than me, and I wanted to have what they have. Not that a motivation like that is bad, but it was totally self serving and self focused. Whoaaa… bummer!

Magical Hawaii

Hawaii is a magical place, not just because it is physically beautiful, but because it has a way of bringing any crap that needs to be let go, or healed, to the surface, like it or not. Why does that happen? I have no idea, but every time I have come here, my life has undergone a radical shift, and this time was no different.

Sometimes It’s Hard To Keep My Heart Open

I had a long distance conversation with the love of my life, and discovered, unbeknownst to me (remember the self-centered thing? Does not do wonders for being aware of the needs of others) that there was trouble in paradise, and I am not talking about Hawaii! This caused me to take a step back and look inside – and I began a quick downward slide into fear. Thankfully, just like in the classic archetype stories, a wise older man appeared in my life, and like Yoda – slapped me upside the head metaphorically – and got me asking the questions of myself that I needed to ask.

What did I need to do? Open my heart. Learn to lead from love, act from love, act from service, create what I was creating in order to serve and help others. After much prayer, meditation, and a couple of good stiff drinks – the light bulb went on. (Speaking of light bulbs – a light that I had turned off actually did turn itself on in the middle of the night during all of this – but that is another story.) I asked to be led to do my work from the right place, to serve my relationship from the right place, and to be made an instrument of a higher power – as corny as that might sound. And then… it happened.

A Sign From Above?

I had a photo shoot on the beach, getting some new shots for the marketing of the Golden Dragon event and my new website – and when the photographer (who is the wise Yoda character by the way) asked me to stretch up to the sky and feel the joy of why I am here – what I really want my life to be, to mean… and I tapped directly into my prayer to remember to lead from my heart, love my partner from my heart, serve from my heart. We finished the shoot and went home. An hour or so later when the photos came through in my email, I opened them and almost fell off my chair.

In that photo, the one where I was stretching up and connecting to my vision for this work, for my relationship, for my life – in the clouds directly above my head is… a heart. Holy crap.

Don’t believe me? Check out the photo above carefully. That’s how it came out of the digital camera – no photo shop or trickery here. Just a big ol heart in the sky.

You are not alone.

To Your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j

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