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Vincent j Kellsey listed in Google Search as a Success Skills Expert,on page 8 of the Success Skills Experts Directory, alongside Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Oprah Winfrey, Dennis Kelly and Erin Kelly.

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“Every breakthrough is preceded by a breakdown. The good news is that 80% of the time it means you are on the verge of a quantum leap forward in whatever area you are experiencing the breakdown in, be it finances, business, health, or relationship”  ~Vincent j Kellsey


In 2010 I was running a successful coaching, speaking, and seminar business changing people’s lives and making good, if not great, money.

In 2011, I was living in a friend’s tiny back room, sleeping on the floor, going to a job I hated, waking in the middle of the night feeling like I was going to go insane with fear and dread and anxiety, knowing there was nowhere to run. I even considered taking my own life to escape the agony.

In 2012, I followed a dream and moved to Asia, I published a book, I led amazing and successful events for companies such as Warner Bros. in Hollywood, more than doubled my income, found the true love of my life, and found joy and happiness again.

So what was it that led me from success to despair and back again to success?What was the turning point that brought me back from total breakdown to breaking through to even greater success and happiness than I had experienced before the breakdown?

I was in a long term relationship that was not working, to put it mildly. My partner left our relationship 3 times in a span of five years, and the first time she left I was utterly devastated, shattered, and I completely lost myself, my identity, my personal power, and my life direction. How is it that we can put so much of ourselves into another person, so much so that if that person leaves we lose ourselves? I am far from an expert on that topic and will not attempt to delve into it, however I know that it happens to many people, and in reality has nothing to do with the relationship, and everything to do with our own sense of self worth, self power, and self esteem.

This type of breakdown can happen to people in any area, when they lose a job, lose someone they love, lose a home, have a major health challenge, etc. It can seem like our life and the world has crashed down and is over, and some even take their lives at this point. For me, I experienced what it was like to almost lose my mind, go over that “edge” we all fear…I saw that edge, walked it, and came back into the light.

So how did I get out? How did I walk away from that edge, never to look back?

I used the power of an emotion that is considered “negative” to save my life and transform fear into power. A friend did something that to me was a betrayal of trust and an abuse of friendship, and I simply got very, very, VERY, angry.

And I discovered something. That anger has power in it, whereas despair leaves you powerless. It is far far better to be angry than to give up, because the power of anger can be turned into action, which can be turned into results, which leads to breakthrough and transformation.

I am grateful to that friend, for they truly saved my life by prompting me to transform my despair into the power to take action. I now teach others how to transform fear into power, and my mission in life is to help people find true freedom and inspire them to step up and become leaders and teachers, showing others the way to freedom. In the words of Buddha, until all of us are free, none of us are free.

To your freedom!




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Transformational Leadership: Becoming a “Golden Dragon”

Leadership and mastery, two words that are virtually synonymous as it almost seems that you cannot have one without the other.  Leaders are typically masters of what they do, and most masters become leaders as they share of their mastery with others.

How does one become a leader, and what is this idea of transformational leadership?  There are 3 levels you must pass through to reach the level of mastery that allows you to become a true transformational leader. These 3 levels are as follows:

1)      Leadership of Self

2)      Leadership of Others

3)      Global Leadership

Leadership of self involves learning to master your own thoughts and emotions. This is the critical step to master, because until you do this you are too easily “taken out of the game” by your own mind and emotional reactions to things outside of yourself.  Once you have learned to master your own thoughts and emotions, you are able to become fully present in the moment, leading others, and serve those you are leading no matter what is going on in your own life. This dictates having the ability to respond to any situation rather than react.  Those who have achieved at least some degree of self mastery are able to be fully present in any given moment or situation, and respond to it with authority and leadership.

The third and final level of leadership happens when you begin to take action on the fulfillment of a bigger vision, a global vision for the betterment of the world and humanity as a whole.  The “win/win” world as envisioned by Buckminster Fuller. When you have reached this place on your leadership journey, you can know that you have moved into true transformational leadership, what I call becoming a “Golden Dragon.”   I envision a global network of Golden Dragons crisscrossing the planet, enlightened entrepreneurs bringing peace to the world through business, and all of our work at Quantum Success Group is directed toward helping create and develop leaders and leadership initiatives through coaching and live events so that this vision can become a reality by 2020.

Wishing you success and freedom on your leadership journey!

It is Here!


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The book is here, finally just sat down and did it.  You can see two different covers here side by side..which one do you like better? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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Playing It Safe

It is true that we can tend to fall into a rut in our lives, play it safe and then wonder why we seem to lack the spark that we used to have , the passion for life. I know it has happened to me – and I finally realized why.

Pushing the Boundaries

When we push our boundaries, live close the edge, outside our comfort zone – depending what we are doing it can actually be a life or death situation like climbing a mountain or driving a race car hundreds of miles an hour – or our minds can just think it is a life or death situation because of the fear that we feel.  But when we stop and think about how we felt after the fear has passed, or when we moved into the fear and then out of it again- we often feel more alive, energized and excited than we did before.  Why is this?  Because we have, consciously or unconsciously, transformed that fear into power.

Bring it On!

When we realize this, we can use the very  fear that used to stop us as fuel to achieve things greater than we ever realized we could. If we can simply change what that feeling of fear means to us, we can change it from ” oh my god – fight or flight”  to ” I am ready to rock and roll- bring it on!”  and feel more alive than we have ever felt before. And in that lies true freedom.

To your greatest success and freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey

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You know how it goes… ” I am going to do that ! ”  But then…

It is so easy to talk action, but much harder to take action on the talk.

Ask yourself today…am I talking or taking?  Then GO DO IT!

To Your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j


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I just received this in my email -and thought it was such good advice I would post it up here in my blog.

You’ve got your suitcases packed, your airline booked and you’re on your way to a live event.

But you’re a little nervous. You’ve already spent a bunch of money, you’re about to spend a bunch more on hotels and food, not to mention the time away from your business and life. Will this turn into a good investment (i.e. help your business grow) or will it end up being just a waste of time and money?
That’s an excellent question and as someone who has attending more than her share of events with fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) results, let me share my 3 secrets to getting the most out of your attending events.
1. Set your intentions on what you want to get out of the event. Are you looking for joint venture partners? New clients? New ideas or information you can implement in your business? Is there someone you really want to meet in person? All of the above? Something else entirely?
It doesn’t matter how you define a successful event, what’s important is that you actually spell out what you want to have happen and make it as clear as possible.
If you’re not clear on what you want, then your results could end up being equally murky. You want to visualize exactly what would have to happen for this to be a successful event for you.
Let me take a moment and share a quick story about this. At an event I recently attended, I was walking through the dining room at dinnertime and I saw a woman sitting by herself. I went up to her and asked if she wanted some company, which she did. It turned out she had set the intention for meeting ME at this event and we’ve ended up doing a couple of joint ventures together. Isn’t it amazing once you set the intention how the Universe actually delivers it?
2. Don’t just hang around your “crowd.” There’s no question that one of the reasons why I love going to events is I can reconnect with all my old friends and colleagues. However, as much as I treasure the face-to-face bonding, I also want to meet new friends and colleagues too.
Make a point of having either lunch, dinner, drinks, etc. with a new group each day. That gives you the opportunity to meet new people without going too far out of your comfort zone. (Now, if the thought of that is making you break out into a cold sweat, take a deep breath. Bring a friend with you, just don’t only talk to your friend. Or only do this once or twice in the few days you’re there and slowly work your way up. You’ll probably discover the vast majority of the people at these events are just as eager and just as nervous as you are, and it all ends up working itself out.)
3. Manage your energy. This is a big one I never see anyone talk about but it’s really important. Events are exhausting. Period. Between being “on” when you meet people to absorbing all the information that’s flying at you, it can wear you out.
So it’s important to know your limits and listen to your body. You don’t have to be at every single networking opportunity. It’s okay to skip a group lunch or dinner and get room service.
Everyone is going to have different limits and whatever that is, it’s perfect for you and you should honor it. The last thing you want to do is wear yourself out so much that when that perfect client DOES show up on Day 3, you’re not so drained you don’t properly represent yourself (and end up losing the sale).

To your success,

Michele PW

Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist

Michele Pariza Wacek

Creative Concepts and Copywriting

LLCPO Box 10430Prescott, AZ 86304




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The Golden Dragon program is not just another leadership program; it is all about becoming a “transformational leader”- being able to lead others through experiences that can transform their lives at a deep level.


I wanted to share with you an excerpt from an email I received from someone who had come and walked the fire at one of the QSG Firewalk Experience events:

“The strength that I got from the firewalks helped when it came time to trust myself. Knowing that strength was there, I could afford to let go, go back and meet my inner child, the one that was always scared and hurt and angry, and connect with her, hug and heal her, honour her pain, and rejoice with her my triumphs. I went through a transformation, which brought me to the blissful state of actually for the first time in my life feeling genuine, soul-deep, unconditional love for myself – what a difference. All “sins” forgiven finally, no more “soul-beatings” or self-recriminations, but also full responsibility for my part in it all. The firewallks were an integral part of the opening of the love-channel. By facing the fire I proved my own courage and strength and my willingness to take on the tough. Amazing stuff! “

Transformational Tools

One of the “Ancient Secrets”  that you will learn and become certified in at Golden Dragon is the firewalk experience. Tools like the firewalk are truly tools of transformation, and while it is only the first step on the journey of transformation, for many people, that first step is the hardest, and once they have made it, discovered the true extent of their own strength, courage and personal power, their lives begin to transform-and they often find a newfound joy and passion for this great adventure we are all on together.

It is a true fact that we cannot help others without helping ourselves, and when you come to Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training and learn how to create and lead transformational experiences like this for others, you will find that inevitably you will have a truly transformational experience for yourself.

To your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey


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The Law of Attraction. The Law of Reciprocity. Universal Laws. But are they? These concepts are taught as “universal laws”, yet how can we say with total authority that these are really immutable laws? How would we know that?


I believe they are truly theories and opinions. And on that concept-I would like to introduce to you a theory of my own, one that is the core of the concepts taught in the Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training, and in The Great Adventure: Your Quest for Money Mission and Meaning.As you might have guessed based on the title,  the concept I am proposing is called the Theory of Connectivity.

Theory of Connectivity

It pre-supposes that not only are you and I connected to each other through an invisible web of energy called ether, but that we are also connected to everyone and everything else on this planet, and in fact the universe as a whole. That connection is “the source”, God, Allah, Buddha Nature, call it what you will- it is all the same energy that is at the root of all life and all creation. Through our connection to this web of energy – we experience “miracles”, such as the heart in the sky in my previous blog posting, things or people showing up in your life just as you need them, finding the exact change in your pocket for that item that you did not know earlier you would be wanting to buy…you get the picture.

I had an experience of this just yesterday that I would like to share with you- and you decide for yourself what explains it-if indeed anything can.I was engaged in a moment of quiet, a meditation, and had a sudden picture of my Uncle, who I was dropping off at the train station later that evening, pulling out his wallet and saying “Thank you for the ride, I want to give you some gas money for your partners car “and saw him pull $20 out of his wallet. I declined, he insisted and so it was done.  I had a thought, “That would be nice” then promptly forgot all about it. Fast forward to later that evening- I am dropping my Uncle off at the train station, having borrowed my partners car for the trip (I had fully intended earlier to take mine) – what does he do but pull out his wallet, tell me he wants to give me some money for gas for my partners car, and gives me $20, which of course I declined, and he insisted.  Hmmmm…. this was sounding familiar…. So…

Four Possibilities

I conclude there are 4 possibilities as to how and why this unfolded the way it did, exactly as I had seen it in a brief thought earlier in the day.

1) I “created it” by thinking about it, as the Law of Attraction teaches.

2) It was going to happen anyway, and I just had a glimpse of the coming future, as the Theory of Connectivity teaches.

3) I have a basis of history with my uncle, a good idea of his personality, and I just extrapolated a likely outcome.

4) We are all connected, I thought the idea and in essence “sent it out to the ether” – he picked it up and accepted it, and so it became reality.

I will leave it for you to decide which one it might be, or if indeed it is a combination of all of them.  Regardless, this type of phenomenon happens to us all on a regular basis, and what it shows us is that we are much more than we think we are, that we are capable of so much more than we think we are, and when we learn to become centered, open our hearts, live and lead from a place of love- these type of happenings become commonplace because we are in the flow- and life becomes easier and more joyful as a result.  You experience better relationships, less fear, more peace of mind, less stress, better health, and a very good chance of a longer, happier, healthier life filled with love and joy and happiness.

Living in the Flow

This is what we will be teaching in the fall at the Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training- not just how to be a more effective leader, not just how to lead people safely and effectively through amazing transformational experiences, not just how to master your mind and master your fear, but how to live in joy, with an open heart, peaceful spirit- and be an example of the type of life possible for anyone if they choose it.

To Your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey

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