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Vincent j Kellsey listed in Google Search as a Success Skills Expert,on page 8 of the Success Skills Experts Directory, alongside Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Oprah Winfrey, Dennis Kelly and Erin Kelly.

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“Every breakthrough is preceded by a breakdown. The good news is that 80% of the time it means you are on the verge of a quantum leap forward in whatever area you are experiencing the breakdown in, be it finances, business, health, or relationship”  ~Vincent j Kellsey


In 2010 I was running a successful coaching, speaking, and seminar business changing people’s lives and making good, if not great, money.

In 2011, I was living in a friend’s tiny back room, sleeping on the floor, going to a job I hated, waking in the middle of the night feeling like I was going to go insane with fear and dread and anxiety, knowing there was nowhere to run. I even considered taking my own life to escape the agony.

In 2012, I followed a dream and moved to Asia, I published a book, I led amazing and successful events for companies such as Warner Bros. in Hollywood, more than doubled my income, found the true love of my life, and found joy and happiness again.

So what was it that led me from success to despair and back again to success?What was the turning point that brought me back from total breakdown to breaking through to even greater success and happiness than I had experienced before the breakdown?

I was in a long term relationship that was not working, to put it mildly. My partner left our relationship 3 times in a span of five years, and the first time she left I was utterly devastated, shattered, and I completely lost myself, my identity, my personal power, and my life direction. How is it that we can put so much of ourselves into another person, so much so that if that person leaves we lose ourselves? I am far from an expert on that topic and will not attempt to delve into it, however I know that it happens to many people, and in reality has nothing to do with the relationship, and everything to do with our own sense of self worth, self power, and self esteem.

This type of breakdown can happen to people in any area, when they lose a job, lose someone they love, lose a home, have a major health challenge, etc. It can seem like our life and the world has crashed down and is over, and some even take their lives at this point. For me, I experienced what it was like to almost lose my mind, go over that “edge” we all fear…I saw that edge, walked it, and came back into the light.

So how did I get out? How did I walk away from that edge, never to look back?

I used the power of an emotion that is considered “negative” to save my life and transform fear into power. A friend did something that to me was a betrayal of trust and an abuse of friendship, and I simply got very, very, VERY, angry.

And I discovered something. That anger has power in it, whereas despair leaves you powerless. It is far far better to be angry than to give up, because the power of anger can be turned into action, which can be turned into results, which leads to breakthrough and transformation.

I am grateful to that friend, for they truly saved my life by prompting me to transform my despair into the power to take action. I now teach others how to transform fear into power, and my mission in life is to help people find true freedom and inspire them to step up and become leaders and teachers, showing others the way to freedom. In the words of Buddha, until all of us are free, none of us are free.

To your freedom!




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It is Here!


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The book is here, finally just sat down and did it.  You can see two different covers here side by side..which one do you like better? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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There are 3 levels of transformational leadership that are necessary to really be the most powerful and effective leader you can be in the world.

1)        Leadership of self.

2)        Leadership of others.

3)        Leading with your message.

You must first do the work on yourself to master your emotions and your states, face your fears, learn who you are at the deepest levels. Then  others will naturally gravitate towards you because they can sense your “power” , and your clarity and your strength.  As you master yourself you become the most effective leader of others, be it one person or a thousand.  And as you lead yourself and lead others, the next natural step is to share your message with the world, whatever that message might be. Because you might not think so, but if your information can help someone to feel better, live better, be more successful, have better relationships, make more money, or better themselves or their life in any way- then you are a leader and need to discover the most effective way to reach millions and make millions with your message.

Connecting With Your Deepest Mission

Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training is based upon these 3 levels, and we work extensively on you becoming the most powerful and effective leader you can be- having personal breakthroughs and connecting with your deepest mission and vision and purpose-your reason for being who you are and doing what you do, you practice leading and applying what you are discovering, and you gain new skill sets to help you in being a more effective messenger and transformational teacher.

Transformational Leadership is the new paradigm, and leading from the heart the new mantra for the 21st century.

To your success and freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey


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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that the last Oprah Winfrey show aired just last week. After twenty-five years as the queen of the talk shows, Oprah Winfrey has gone on to create something new.

Your Labor Of Love Can Bloom Beyond Your Imagination

Often we start out with our business or project as a labor of love, and we cannot see where it will eventually end up – or even dream how big it could possibly become. I’m sure that when Oprah Winfrey started out with her talk show, she had no idea that one day she would first become not only the queen of talk shows, but would become a brand in herself and a worldwide household name.

Golden Dragons Support Others

With great power comes great responsibility – that’s been said and it is true, and she has stepped up fully to that responsibility by creating her own network and providing a new platform to help others bring their messages to the world. This is the very essence of what it means to be a Golden Dragon.

Oprah’s stage was a place for people to be seen and to be heard. For authors who were chosen for her book club, it was an opportunity for them to suddenly be seen by millions of people. They often saw themselves becoming household names almost overnight. Despite the good she did for so many others however, what Oprah had created with her show was really based around Oprah , and anyone else was simply a guest on the Oprah show.

Golden Dragons Evolve And Grow

She knew that it had to change, and so both she and it has evolved beyond that in order to create a platform for many others to now step into the spotlight with their gifts. First it was Dr.Phil, now Nate Berkus, and how many more will Oprah’s legacy provide the platform for? She has used her power, her wealth, and her influence to serve others and to help others become more – and that, my friend, is the very essence of being a Golden Dragon.

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I had the most amazing experience recently when I was in Hawaii working on some content for my new program Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training.

Journey To Unexpected Places

Totally unexpectedly, this trip turned into a journey inward, into my real motivations for doing the work I do, for being in a relationship, for virtually any aspect of my life – and I discovered something very disturbing. I had been living my life from a place of self-love, self-preservation and greed. My motivations for building my business had been to make money so I could live a comfortable life and not have to worry – and I was jealous of those who were more successful than me, and I wanted to have what they have. Not that a motivation like that is bad, but it was totally self serving and self focused. Whoaaa… bummer!

Magical Hawaii

Hawaii is a magical place, not just because it is physically beautiful, but because it has a way of bringing any crap that needs to be let go, or healed, to the surface, like it or not. Why does that happen? I have no idea, but every time I have come here, my life has undergone a radical shift, and this time was no different.

Sometimes It’s Hard To Keep My Heart Open

I had a long distance conversation with the love of my life, and discovered, unbeknownst to me (remember the self-centered thing? Does not do wonders for being aware of the needs of others) that there was trouble in paradise, and I am not talking about Hawaii! This caused me to take a step back and look inside – and I began a quick downward slide into fear. Thankfully, just like in the classic archetype stories, a wise older man appeared in my life, and like Yoda – slapped me upside the head metaphorically – and got me asking the questions of myself that I needed to ask.

What did I need to do? Open my heart. Learn to lead from love, act from love, act from service, create what I was creating in order to serve and help others. After much prayer, meditation, and a couple of good stiff drinks – the light bulb went on. (Speaking of light bulbs – a light that I had turned off actually did turn itself on in the middle of the night during all of this – but that is another story.) I asked to be led to do my work from the right place, to serve my relationship from the right place, and to be made an instrument of a higher power – as corny as that might sound. And then… it happened.

A Sign From Above?

I had a photo shoot on the beach, getting some new shots for the marketing of the Golden Dragon event and my new website – and when the photographer (who is the wise Yoda character by the way) asked me to stretch up to the sky and feel the joy of why I am here – what I really want my life to be, to mean… and I tapped directly into my prayer to remember to lead from my heart, love my partner from my heart, serve from my heart. We finished the shoot and went home. An hour or so later when the photos came through in my email, I opened them and almost fell off my chair.

In that photo, the one where I was stretching up and connecting to my vision for this work, for my relationship, for my life – in the clouds directly above my head is… a heart. Holy crap.

Don’t believe me? Check out the photo above carefully. That’s how it came out of the digital camera – no photo shop or trickery here. Just a big ol heart in the sky.

You are not alone.

To Your Success and Freedom,

Vincent j

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