They Say It Takes A Single Step, But What If That's Into Fire?

“This book is full of wisdom and great ideas to help you to realize your full potential for wealth, happiness and success.”

Brian Tracy – Author, Maximum Achievement


Golden Dragon: The 8 Secrets: How to Transform Fear into Power and Lead from the Heart

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Vincent J Kellsey, Basic Author

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Transformational Leadership

Transformation. Breakthough. Positive Change. World Peace.

These are big dreams, but they begin with a single small step. That step is a decision, and that decision can be much harder than choosing to simply step onto the fire.

Quantum Success Group teaches firewalking, but that’s a small part of what we do. It is simply the tool we use to help emerging leaders step into their own brilliance, and then train them so they are prepared to go back out into the world connected, supported, and with the tools to help other emerging  leaders to do the same. The hope of the world is leaders with hearts aligned with their passionate purpose -leaders who have mastered their fear and can take action and help others in turn learn to master their fear and take action, until the Quantum Effect creates a ripple big enough to cause the “tipping point”  and shift the world into peace and prospersity on a global scale.

When powerful leaders demonstrate generosity of spirit, open hearts and authenticity, they teach others to also be unafraid. When fear is reduced or eliminated, the leader in each of us can more easily come forth.

We Develop Leaders Who Develop Leaders

Our programs are about developing strong leaders who can help develop other strong leaders. Working with small groups, we ensure that every participant understands the techniques for bringing about lasting, powerful positive change. Our programs create what we call  the “quantum effect”, as our participants go back out across the world prepared and ready to “be the change” they want to see in the world.

The Experience Of A Lifetime

A program like our Firewalk Leader Certification is designed as both a personal breakthrough experience-and to train you in the skill sets you can use to assist others in having powerful trans-formative breakthroughs. In just a few short days, you’ll experience transcending your fear, and arriving at a new level of self-knowledge and self assurance that will last long after you finish your training.

As you learn profound techniques for overcoming fear and keeping your heart open, you also learn the skills necessary to share those techniques with others, and make a tremendous income as a trainer or coach. You’ll leave stronger, empowered, fierce and joyful, and you’ll carry that incredible energy back to your previous life, becoming the change you want to see in the world.

So join us at the next Firewalk Leader Certification training, or any of our other amazing and transformative life changing programs such as T4, The Great Adventure, or in one of our coaching and mastermind programs.

We look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you!


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