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Vincent j Kellsey listed in Google Search as a Success Skills Expert,on page 8 of the Success Skills Experts Directory, alongside Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Oprah Winfrey, Dennis Kelly and Erin Kelly.

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Transformational Leadership: Becoming a “Golden Dragon”

Leadership and mastery, two words that are virtually synonymous as it almost seems that you cannot have one without the other.  Leaders are typically masters of what they do, and most masters become leaders as they share of their mastery with others.

How does one become a leader, and what is this idea of transformational leadership?  There are 3 levels you must pass through to reach the level of mastery that allows you to become a true transformational leader. These 3 levels are as follows:

1)      Leadership of Self

2)      Leadership of Others

3)      Global Leadership

Leadership of self involves learning to master your own thoughts and emotions. This is the critical step to master, because until you do this you are too easily “taken out of the game” by your own mind and emotional reactions to things outside of yourself.  Once you have learned to master your own thoughts and emotions, you are able to become fully present in the moment, leading others, and serve those you are leading no matter what is going on in your own life. This dictates having the ability to respond to any situation rather than react.  Those who have achieved at least some degree of self mastery are able to be fully present in any given moment or situation, and respond to it with authority and leadership.

The third and final level of leadership happens when you begin to take action on the fulfillment of a bigger vision, a global vision for the betterment of the world and humanity as a whole.  The “win/win” world as envisioned by Buckminster Fuller. When you have reached this place on your leadership journey, you can know that you have moved into true transformational leadership, what I call becoming a “Golden Dragon.”   I envision a global network of Golden Dragons crisscrossing the planet, enlightened entrepreneurs bringing peace to the world through business, and all of our work at Quantum Success Group is directed toward helping create and develop leaders and leadership initiatives through coaching and live events so that this vision can become a reality by 2020.

Wishing you success and freedom on your leadership journey!

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There are 3 levels of transformational leadership that are necessary to really be the most powerful and effective leader you can be in the world.

1)        Leadership of self.

2)        Leadership of others.

3)        Leading with your message.

You must first do the work on yourself to master your emotions and your states, face your fears, learn who you are at the deepest levels. Then  others will naturally gravitate towards you because they can sense your “power” , and your clarity and your strength.  As you master yourself you become the most effective leader of others, be it one person or a thousand.  And as you lead yourself and lead others, the next natural step is to share your message with the world, whatever that message might be. Because you might not think so, but if your information can help someone to feel better, live better, be more successful, have better relationships, make more money, or better themselves or their life in any way- then you are a leader and need to discover the most effective way to reach millions and make millions with your message.

Connecting With Your Deepest Mission

Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Training is based upon these 3 levels, and we work extensively on you becoming the most powerful and effective leader you can be- having personal breakthroughs and connecting with your deepest mission and vision and purpose-your reason for being who you are and doing what you do, you practice leading and applying what you are discovering, and you gain new skill sets to help you in being a more effective messenger and transformational teacher.

Transformational Leadership is the new paradigm, and leading from the heart the new mantra for the 21st century.

To your success and freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey


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