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If you have a sense, a deep knowing, that  you haven’t yet achieved what you were sent to this life for, that you are being called to a bigger destiny, called even to be a leader,  maybe it’s time to walk the fire.

“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.”
-Richard Bach

Walk The Fire – What Does That Mean?

We all face challenges in life, some easier than others, and the thing about life is that there are always more challenges as we grow and change, and just when we think we have everything handled, up comes something totally new and unexpected.  How well you deal with those challenges, how well you are able to lead others through those challenges, all depends on how much you are able to master your fear and your emotions, stay centered, clam and clear in the face of anything, and how on track you feel to really living your purpose in this world.  There is also one other critical component that is so often overlooked in our current “can do” culture, and that is the support of others.

You Don’t Have to Do It All Alone Anymore

Have you ever felt alone and isolated in your business? Have you ever wished that you just had someone else to share the struggles, the passion, the triumphs, the highs and lows of your business with? Have you ever wished that you could co-create, brainstorm and face the world along side someone else?  Me too! And I have discovered that this is a common feeling among business leaders and entrepreneurs, we love what we do but we often feel like we are doing it all alone. And frankly- that just sucks.

You Have Found Your Tribe

That is why we are creating the Golden Dragon Transformational Leadership Network – a place for leaders to get the support that they need, to be able to support others, to be able to know, that absolutely, 100% , beyond the shadow of a doubt, someone has your back.  The Navy Seals in the US have a motto- ” No Man Left Behind” . They know that when they go in on a mission, even if they do not survive it, they will be coming out and coming home, because their team mates will not abandon them.  Imagine having this for your business, and being this for others, on a global platform- having people you can count on no matter what-and being someone others can count on no matter what.

Golden Dragon Leadership

While we would love to be able to open this up to anyone-it would not work if we did. Just like being a Navy Seal is not something open to just anyone, that trust and support is built by the shared experience of  going through training together and being “on the same page” – so too is the Global Leadership Network made up of Certified Golden Dragon Transformational Trainers. This November 14th to the 20th is your opportunity to join us, 10 individuals committed to personal and global transformation, ready to “walk the fire , both literally and figuratively, and to do it together.

If you think this might be for you, and you are ready to become a true transformational leader, a firewalk instructor, and a breakthrough specialist- Send me an email at with Golden Dragon in the subject line and let’s rock and roll in November!

The time has come, the leaders are all of us, and the world is ready for change.

To Your Success And Freedom,

Vincent j Kellsey

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